Olea Europaea Exemplary

Olea Europaea Exemplary


Olea Europaea Milenaria. There are trees that if they could talk they would have to tell us many stories, well, these exemplary trees are within the list of products of our company.

The olive trees have a great tradition in the Mediterranean area, so there is a great variety of European olea depending on whether they are from Spain, the north or the coast or Italy.

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characteristicstall trees with several large branches
TrunkSpectacular dimensions
NamesThere are different names depending on the area of the Mediterranean where I come from or the type of leaf.
PriceTo consult, varies depending on the dimensions of the tree


In recent years the decoration of the gardens has a different point and these trees not only show greatness, but help to create a different impression to all people entering the garden.

The cut of the branches also show an impressive spectacularity, as you can see the images of our products.

Also, depending on the type of olea europaea that you acquire, you can have a shade that other trees can not offer you.

At RyD Costa Daurada we not only sell an olive tree, but we also take them to the site with the utmost love and care possible.

We know that these trees have many years and must be treated with great care and can not be transported in any way, so we take care that they are well “hydrated” and do not suffer during the trip.

These olive trees do not need a different treatment than any tree receives.