About us

RyD Costa daurada

We are a company dedicated to export and with a lot of experience. We work in Spain but export to all countries of the European Community and some of Africa and Asia. We are characterized by:

In RyD Costa Daurada has a wide variety of plants for your garden, so you can download our catalog through the image on the side or by clicking on the following link.



Throughout the year we are at your disposal to get the best product at the best price.

You have to order the product and we do the rest.


20 years of experience allows us to find the best possible product.

Not only do we see the exterior of the plant, but we see the whole, so before we turn it in, we check your health.

Competent prices

We look for the best price for your product, you always have to pay the best quality at a reasonable price, and that’s what we do.

Therefore, we do not offer you only one possibility.

Big offers

We are a large export company and that allows us to have great offers for our customers.

About us

RyD Costa Daurada is a consolidated company in the Spanish market for almost 20 years. We stand out for our seriousness, quality and service, in addition we are recognized by suppliers and customers.

In fact, the combination of trust from our suppliers and the seriousness of RyD Costa Daurada allow us to achieve the best that the market offers, at the best price.

This trust has made it possible for us to expand our range of products and thus be able to offer a broad and better service to our customers.

In many years of experience we continue to work to improve our service since it would be impossible to find a complete range of products in a single producer and offer a complete service to the final buyer since RyD Costa Daurada is concerned about ordering the best from each producer in advance and each area of ​​the Iberian Peninsula, reviewing all the processes until the last but not least of the loading process.

In almost 20 years the goal has been to achieve the best quality at the best price, for our customers, thanks to a sales volume that has risen steadily, exporting our products to any part of the world and offering a comprehensive service.

We think that the difference in the current market, in any sector of work where everyone has everything, makes the service, a service of seriousness, competence and quality, for this our work is appreciated by the best nurserymen, architects and lovers of the unique exemplary plants, which are found in the best and most important gardens.

Our group of agronomist professionals can inform and advise you with competence of everything you need.


+34 678 49 35 85


Calle Mayor el Plazo 5, 03201 Elche
Alicante (Spain)